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Will Muschamp Interviews With Mack Brown?

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Rumors are swirling through Austin that Mack Brown brought in Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp for an interview today. Though I can't confirm whether that interview actually took place, I can confirm that he's got a pedigree that should tickle Texas fans who are eager for a change.


Coaching Experience

1995-96- Auburn (Graduate Assistant)
1998- West Georgia (Secondary)
1999- Eastern Kentucky (Secondary)
2000- Valdosta State (Defensive Coordinator)
2001-04- LSU (Linebackers/Defensive Coordinator)
2005- Miami Dolphins (Assistant Head Coach for Defense)
2006- Auburn (Defensive Coordinator)

Notable Accomplishments

As LSU Defensive Coordinator: Helped Nick Saban win the 2003 national title with a defense that ranked first nationally in scoring (11.0 points per game) and total defense (252 yards per game).

As Miami Dolphins Assistant Head Coach for Defense: Helped direct a defense which finished in the Top 10 in the NFL in yards per play, per rush, and per pass. Second in the NFL in sacks with 49.

As Auburn Defensive Coordinator: Auburn finished the season ranked 6th nationally in scoring defense (16.7 points per game), 34th in rush yards per attempt (3.48), and 10th in pass yards per attempt (5.8).

Red Flags?

If we were talking about hiring him as a head coach, there'd be lots to talk about. At age 36, he's relatively young, hasn't done too much recruiting, etc. But the man has been a defensive coordinator in a major conference for five seasons, plus another coaching in the NFL. He's not too green for this job.

The only part of Auburn's defensive profile in 2006 that wasn't well above average was quarterback sacks. The Tigers only accumulated 19 on the season, ranking 93rd nationally.

Would he say yes?

I've never met the man, but if Mack makes him an offer, it'll be tough to turn down. Auburn's a fine destination as is, but Texas is just a slight notch above if you're a coordinator who aspires for a head coaching gig. For a guy like Muschamp who would like his own team one day, there aren't many better final coordinator jobs to have than one in Austin. Money's not an issue. Austin's a wee bit better than Auburn. Let's call it 2:1 he says yes if he's offered the gig.