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Morning Coffee Preps For Evening Hoops

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Huge game tonight. Get your obligations out of the way by 8:00 p.m. tonight to watch what could prove to be one of Texas' most important games of the season. Rick Barnes and Texas travel to Texas A&M - the game will be televised by ESPN2. If you're sitting around watching tonight, join us here for the open thread.

This looks to me like as good a road test as the 'Horns will get for the remainder of the season. Trips to Waco and Manhattan will be important, but A&M provides the size, strength, and defense that this Texas team will need to be able to overcome if it's going to make any kind of NCAA Tournament run this March.

Dex in effect? That's the headline of this Dexter Pittman article from the Austin-American Statesman. I'm fine with cheesy headlines in general, but you've gotta be able to do better than that with a guy like Pittman. Regardless, it's a nice featurette from Mark Rosner, in which we learn that AJ Abrams teases Pittman about his size. Can you believe that? Taking crap from AJ Abrams? Dexter should just eat him.

Confusing quote of the day. On the flu bug that's sidelined a host of New York Giants this week, including former Texas standout Aaron Ross, Tom Coughlin said:

"We have taken precautions. The medical people have done the best they can to distribute some medicine, if you will, in advance of the plane trip out there. Hopefully the guys are rested enough that this will not be an issue."

If you will? Typically, we use 'if you will' almost apologetically, as though what we said immediately before may not have been the proper characterization. As in, "Against Kansas State, the offensive game plan - if you will - was garbage."

'If you will' is often just a verbal tic, so it may mean nothing, but I can't help but laugh imagining Coughlin trying to indicate that medicine is a euphemism, as though he couldn't come out and say forthrightly, "The amount of drugs we're using to get our players through this would embarrass Brett Favre, even."

Quick Hits. Joseph Duarte on the Darrell Scott sweeps and a DJ Augustin featurette... Big 12 South recruiting overview from The RBR community tributes Bear Bryant on the 25th anniversary of his passing.