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A Flurry Of Activity Or An Exciting Evolution?

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From Thanksgiving despair to New Year's elation? Have things changed so much, so quickly?

Let's assume that Will Muschamp is in fact coming to Texas. From the time I wrote this post on November 26th to today, we've seen all of the following:

  • An announcement from the coaches that all jobs would be open for the Holiday Bowl
  • The return of Not Our Standard
  • Grueling 6 AM bowl game workouts
  • Accountability emphasis
  • New starters in the Holiday Bowl
  • An ass whipping of ASU in the Holiday Bowl
  • The resignation of Larry Mac Duff
  • The hiring of Will Muschamp

When I asked, "Is the disappointment of this season the kind of low point that might prompt Mack Brown to make a similar self-evaluation?", I was wondering if Mack Brown could shake himself from what seemed to be a sense of complacency in the program.

And based on the above, it's hard to argue that a fire's not been lit. The difference between the start of this offseason and the defensive posturing that dominated the previous offseason is stark. Mack is being proactive, and it's undeniably pleasing to see.

What matters now is that it lasts. Like I said before the Holiday Bowl, it's the process - much more than the outcome - that matters here. We all know too well how easy it is to get in a rut, make a flurry of corrective changes, but slowly and surely slip back into bad habits. Hell, we all just made our New Year's resolutions. And most of us will carry our banners high and well all the way through January, February, maybe even March. But old habits die hard, and for every resolution that we keep, four will fall by the wayside.

For Mack Brown, then, the energy he's drawn from the low point of 2007 needs to be more than just a spark that ignites a flurry of initial activity. It needs to ignite a more fundamental evolution away from the bad habits that have held him back at times in his career.

Can he do it? There's reason to be optimistic. Will Muschamp is a fire-breathing ball of energy and a coach who breeds leaders on his teams. The players adore him, and go to war for him. He has the kind of personality that this staff has sorely lacked of late.

It's not often that a football fan is happy in January. But as this offseason gets underway... I gotta say, I'm about as pleased as I could be.