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A View On Muschamp

From my friend Jay, who was nice enough to pass along a few words on Muschamp last night before this news was finalized.

He's a tremendous coordinator.  In my opinion, he's even better than Chizik. He's without question a players coach. The kids love him. He's a crazy man on the sidelines.  I'm including a link to a post I did following the Arkansas game. It's classic Muschamp.

He runs a solid 4-3. He uses the defensive ends and linebackers aggressively. He loves to blitz. He had ends Quentin Groves and Antonio Coleman do most of the dirty work for him this year. His numbers are incredible.

Heading into the Chick-Fil-A Bowl Auburn led the SEC in scoring defense and was sixth nationally. He was second in the conference in total defense.

During his two seasons at Auburn he's held 21 of 26 opponents to 20 points or less.  He's the real deal.