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Let's Email

Every now and again, enough reader emails come in on topics worth exploring publicly that I'll put a post together for the site. This is one such time. As always, you can email me any time with questions. I'll never use someone's full name in a post unless they explicitly okay it.

I keep hearing people say Muschamp is better than Chizik. I haven't followed Auburn or the SEC as closely as some, but can you explain the reasoning of this thought?

--Kevin R.--

There are more similiarities than differences in the two, at least in terms of schemes. Both are disciples of a base 4-3 defense, don't like to get too cute with things, and believe that execution and intensity are as important as scheme.

However, there are differences between the two. My two complaints with Gene Chizik centered on his refusal to blitz and, relatedly, the speed with which he would make adjustments (sometimes not at all). The record shows that Muschamp is more prone to using strategic blitzing, where appropriate. He's no Duane Akina (thankfully), but he's no Gene Chizik, either.

Similarly, Muschamp has developed quite the reputation for making halftime adjustments. Though Chizik always had a well-prepared, disciplined defense, there were games in which adjustments were required, but never came, Kansas State 2006 being the most egregious example. In that disaster, Chizik refused - from start to finish - to blitz Josh Freeman, even as the kid showed drive after drive that he was in the zone and needed to be disrupted.

Finally, Muschamp's earned quite the reputation as a fiery leader for whom players will walk barefoot across hot coals. Texas fans know there's been a leadership vacuum in Austin since Vince Young left, and it's not unreasonable to believe Muschamp will help bring back some of that intensity and leadership we've been lacking.

Of all the things Mack Brown could have done, this might be the very best available option. Hell, I was surprised it even was an option. It's an A+ hire.

What are you hearing on Jermichael Finley? Any info on his decision yet?

--Bill J.--

Most insider-y types have speculated that Finley will leave, as he's got a wife and two-year old child. However, Finley's not yet declared. Moreoever, draftniks are saying Finley has little chance to be taken on the first day, if he leaves this season.

Call it a hunch, but I'm not so sure he's leaving Austin.

Update [2008-1-7 14:25:2 by HornsFan]: A day early, it appears. Monday morning Finley announced he's taking his chances in the NFL Draft. Good luck to Jermichael.

Is Darrell Scott still leaning to Colorado? Do you know what our chances are?

--Omar V.--

I'm not a recruiting guru, but those in the know say Jamaal Charles' decision to turn pro has helped Texas close the gap on Colorado. Some think Texas is perhaps now the team to beat, as Scott has repeatedly said that the cold weather of Boulder is a turn off. It's too soon to say which way he'll go, but things look much better today than they did a week ago. Of course, having Jamaal Charles in 2008 would have been the nuts, but landing Scott would soften the blow considerably.

Scott has said he will announce his decision on national signing day in February.

After watching the TCU game, I’m really worried about the ‘Horns. What’s your feeling about our Big 12 chances considering how we’re playing right now?


The next Texas Basketball Report will review the non-conference performance and set the stage for Big 12 play. Look for AW to give a rundown of the Big 12 in the next week, as well. Mini-slump aside, I think we’re in great shape, and started to show that yesterday against St. Mary’s.

PB I know you don't like politics on the site but I wanted to write a short diary on the election and thought I'd ask if it was okay.


Though I'm happy that you take civics seriously, politics remain out of bounds at BON. If there weren't a million appropriate forums for political discourse, I'd consider letting BON be one such place where people could gather to chat politics.

As it is, though, there are countless blogs, messageboards, and forums where political discussion is not only allowed, but encouraged. I'd kindly ask that you help keep BON a politics-free zone. Let's stick to sports.