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Link Dump

A few things to read during your Monday breaks from work:

Card Chronicle has his Fab 50 basketball players for January, placing DJ Augustin at #4 and AJ Abrams at #49. I noted in his comment thread that I thought AJ probably didn't belong there (given his defense), but that Damion James deserved a close look. Have a look-see at the list yourself.

Looking for the best coverage of tonight's national title game between LSU and Ohio State? Start with Sunday Morning Quarterback, and work outwards to the various team sites: And The Valley Shook, Around The Oval, and Buckeye Commentary.

Our resident stat geeks are gonna want to look carefully at this excellent post over at Rock M Nation, in which the author has plotted all the play-by-play data of the last two seasons in the Big 12 and sorted through the data.