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The Five Biggest Disappointments Of 2007: #5 Limas Sweed

Continuing this feature from last season, in which we review the five biggest disappointments and surprises of the season.

Some may object to having an injured player on this list, but of all the disappointments in the 2007, Limas' wrist injury may have been the most painful. Though this list kicks off with a player whose disappointment was no fault of his own, his presence on this list is appropriate.

The fact is that Texas entered the season with an offensive gameplan revolving around Colt McCoy. And the viability of that strategy depended in large part on McCoy being able to stretch defenses with deep passes to Limas Sweed. At the least, Sweed occupied safeties deep. At its best, Sweed presented a mismatch for most every cornerback and, if left in single coverage, became a touchdown machine.

By October, both of those threats were out the window as Texas limped along on offense. This isn't to say that a healthy Sweed would have guaranteed different results, but his absence certainly guaranteed the failure of our offensive gameplan.