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LSU Wins National Title: Start Writing Your Puns!

As tempting as it is to have fun with all this, it was just one game and this year's mythical national champion lost two along the way. In the end, this arbitrary system gave us an arbitrary "champ," and though LSU has a legitimate claim to a 2007 title, it could have gone any number of other ways and been just as legitimate.

And so it will be until we get a playoff, the conclusion of which will produce a team which has a less arbitrary claim to being the national champion. The concept of the Best, capital B, team in college football may not be something knowable, but I'm firmly among those who would prefer a tournament of some sort at the end of the season in which the 4, 6, 8 or whatever most deserving teams play for a trophy. Count me among those who believe it would be better than what we've got now.

I hope you enjoyed your last game of college football for the season. Winter is upon us.