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Major Applewhite To Austin?

I've playfully poked fun at others for indulging coaching rumors because the realm has proven itself to be the Wild West of innuendo. (Moreover, it's harmless ribbing when a blogger does as fine a job covering a team as Brian Cook does.)

But can I really ignore stories like these ($), which suggest Major Applewhite-to-Texas isn't just a fanboy fairy tale? Normally, I'd say yes, but I received two very interesting, related tips on this angle in early December which I ultimately decided not to run because I had no way of substantiating what was posited.

To recap the situation briefly: there's talk not only that Texas has an interest in Major Applewhite, but that the interest is mutual. Though this seems like a given to certain segments of the fanbase, the reality is much more nuanced; not only is Major extraordinarily well situated at Alabama, but it's never been a given that Applewhite would share the same enthusiasm for returning to Texas as the fans have for seeing him return.

If you believe the rumors, though, the connection is indeed alive and well. Though Applewhite coming to Texas this offseason - with both Mack Brown and Greg Davis firmly entrenched - seems farfetched, those who dream of Major's triumphant return to Austin in a collared shirt should be encouraged by what we've learned this offseason. Though I'll continue to encourage people to take coaching news with a two-ton truck of salt, Major's interest in the program appears genuine. And the sources of this interest varied. Orangebloods' most recent report is consistent with things I've been told which - on their own - aren't something I was comfortable running. In conjunction, though? They lend credence to the belief of some that Major-to-Texas is a matter of complicated when... not if.