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EDSBS LIVE Picks The Brain Of A Fat, White Guy

Tonight on EDSBS Live: We're joined by blogging superhero Rob Lunn--defensive lineman at Connecticut by day, hysterical blogger by night. That he aptly dons both capes is impressive enough; this evening we find out how he does with a live interview. Vegas odds favor a chat you won't want to miss.

Beyond our chat with Mr. Lunn, we'll recap a huge weekend in college football that ended with Texas #1 in both polls, as well as look ahead to next week, when Texas will immediately face a huge test from the visiting Missouri Tigers.

Time: 8:00 - 9:30 Central
Where: Here.

UPDATE: Audio of Rob Lunn interview is available after the jump. Click through for the fun.

Rob Lunn EDSBS LIVE Interview