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Tuesday Night Open Thread: Purge, Sinners! PURGE!

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It would not be at all inaccurate to describe me this week as unhinged--more hysterical than not: Voting Texas #2 in an imagined effort to ballerina past football karma meltdown, or methodically plotting the course of past mid-season beauties as if my self-awareness of the frailty of it all will help Texas avoid a similar fate.

Jean-Paul Sartre, for footballers! Like I said... I'm totally unhinged.

Screw it, though, right? Go big or go home. Hell, in a week in which Greg Davis pantsed Oklahoma and two small town white boys turned the college football world on its head, all bets are off, right?


So I'm not flinching. I'm spittin' in the dirt, diggin' in my boot heels, and slappin' my thighs:

Join me in taking a cue from this EDSBS thread and git a little unhinged with me as we take on the football gods, the SI Cover Jinx, and all the rest by cleansing our Texas Longhorns football souls. Yes, let us purge our sins...

Your Tuesday night open thread: Confess one of your Texas Longhorns football sins, for the rest of your brethren to see and scorn.

I'll go first: I had a truly revolting admiration for Adrian Peterson as a rusher and secretly enjoyed watching him at his best when he wasn't playing Texas.

God help me. And forgive me. I have sinned.