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Talkin' Texas Football: Life After OU, Part 2

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Part 1 is here.

PB: Onward: Did you watch Mizzou-Okie State? We knew Gary Pinkel was kind of a goof, but I know I didn't appreciate Mike Gundy as a good football coach until Saturday night. He is.

Billyzane: I was flipping between that game, Florida's prison rape of LSU, and some baseball, but I caught enough to confirm everything I've always thought about Gary Pinkel, which is that the man knows how to do enough to keep his job and nothing more. He's like Tommy Bowd....oh wait. Anyway, I was certainly surprised at how well Mike Gundy did. I always thought he had some potential as a coach, but never thought he could compete seriously in the Big 12. I'm still not convinced because, honestly, all he's done is outcoach Gary Pinkel, but his team is scary. They hold the ball for so long that it makes life hard on teams that rely on outscoring you. It's like what Nebraska did against Texas Tech this weekend except if Nebraska also had a top-5 offense.

PB: What was different to me about Gundy's performance was that he used one set of plays to set up a series of other plays. That's... a step above and beyond what we see from a lot of the coaches in the conference, where the game plan is more like having your 4-5 go-to plays in NCAA Football 2008 and calling them over and over. Gundy showed some sophistication Saturday night. I had no idea.

We've got plenty of time to worry about Gundy's Cowboys, but I'm far from ready to dismiss Chase Daniel and Jeremy Maclin. I feel good about our chances because Missouri's running game looks underdeveloped, but I worry about what happens if they click on all cylinders. Can Texas' offense really, truly keep on keepin' on just with Colt-OG-Ship-Quan? Is that enough?

 Billyzane: Why not? OU has the best defense we're going to see all year until perhaps our bowl game and they couldn't do one thing about it. It's not like they didn't know what was coming either. Yeah, we hadn't show that 4 wide in 8 years or whatever, but OU knew who the ball was going to and they couldn't stop it. I think Texas can outscore any team in this conference. Turnovers are the only way this team doesn't score enough points on offense. And as far as I can remember, Texas has 5 turnovers on the year: 2 fumbles by Chiles, and 3 interceptions, 2 of which were the fault of Buckner and Ullman, 2 guys who won't be thrown to too much. I think there's certainly a chance we have a bad game and get beat, but I don't see it happening without serious mistakes being made like turnovers. Plus, I know now after my last "News and Views" column to never doubt Chris Ogbonnaya.

PB: How developed is your infant-attachment syndrome with Will Muschamp? I'm all but sucking my thumb at this point.

Billyzane: I've got a pacifier with Will Muschamp's face on it. Isn't it unbelievable how we can give up 35 points and still have no reservations talking about this guy as the second coming? I don't know what it is about him that endears him to every person he comes in contact with, but he has it.

PB: So true. Ok, Larry King. As we sign off, give me your random thought-that-you-value-but-no-one-else-may from Saturday.

Billyzane: This is hard because I've already written my News and Views for this week and am about to post it as we finish up here. I will say that the video of pigs racing for an Oreo during the broadcast was oddly mesmerizing. Deep fried bacon-wrapped Oreos sound delicious. I'm fairly certain this is all Phil Loadholt has eaten in the last 8 years.

PB: I won't steal your thunder, then, and note only that Brian Orakpo cost Phil Loadholt millions of dollars in the NFL Draft with his felonious assault on the OU tackle.

I feel no pity. And as such can sign off with the only question we haven't covered yet this evening: What time is it, BZ?

Billyzane: Well, where' I'm sitting PB, it's 12:15 in the am.

12:16 AM And OU still sucks.

PB: Attakid.

Amen. Good night and good luck.

Billyzane: Hook 'em.

PB: Hook 'em. 10-4.