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Five Match Ups Worth Watching

1. Missouri LT Elvis Fisher vs. Brian Orakpo -- Mike Gundy didn't have Brian Orakpo at his disposal, but that didn't stop him from bringing no fewer than four different blitz looks up the left side of the Tigers' line last Saturday, with great success. Missouri does the Texas Tech wide splits thing, which OSU cleverly attacked a number of ways--on many occasions at the expense of redshirt freshman LT Elvis Fisher. I won't be surprised to see Kindle trailing Orakpo's ass on more than a few occasions Saturday night.

2. Jordan Shipley and Quan Cosby vs. Missouri's physical secondary -- I couldn't find any good YouTube clips, but if you watched last week's game in Columbia you saw the wood Missouri's secondary laid on Dez Bryant. Honestly, I was shocked he wasn't concussed and out for the game by the first big hit he took; amazingly, he kept on, and took another 4-5 punishing hits throughout the game. I'm nervous for Quan and Ship.

3. Texas defense vs. poor tackling  --  Chase Daniel hits guys and hits them fast; if you're not ready to tackle, Missouri can make big plays. If Texas is wrapping up at first contact consistently, Missouri will have to sustain drives; if not, the 'Horns will be giving them all they need to put a 50 on the scoreboard. It's imperative Texas be active and tackle well within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage, forcing Missouri to score on long drives or protect Daniel long enough to complete a deep ball. (Neither are good options for MU.)

4. Greg Davis vs. history  --  If the temptation is to rein things in, Davis needs to reject that notion and feel liberated to be creative. Missouri's defense is not a disciplined one. This is a group you can use one group of plays to set up a monster play for 6. I've watched the OSU game three times now, and Mike Gundy did that masterfully. Play action and even a well-placed trick play should leave a Longhorn or three wide open Saturday night.

5. Texas vs. attention/expectations  --  I'm with Trips Right here... Scary.

Hook 'em. Beat Mizzou.