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Some Texas Baseball News

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It's a relatively slow Monday, so why not share some baseball info. First, the Horns have played two 14-inning scrimmages in the last 8 days, beating Baylor 9-4 on Oct 12 and losing to Rice 13-6 on Oct 19. The story of this team appears to be the deep starting pitching, with freshman sensation Taylor Jungmann allowing no runs on 3 hits in 5 innings of work. Cameron Rupp went yard twice against Rice and Tant Shepherd has played solidly both games, raising the question of where Preston Clark plays once he's cleared to do so. The irony of the two games is that the Horns played better in the first nine of the "loss" to Rice than the "win" over Baylor. 

The Horns will play Rice again in Houston next Sunday before closing out the Fall baseball schedule at home against Texas State on Nov 2. 

Finally, stopped by the newly renovated UFCU-DFF this weekend and have a (very) few pictures to share. The new field-turf looks 1,000 times better than the old astroturf, but it remains a long way off from having a grass field. Anyhow, enjoy.