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Prediction Time

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It's that time of the week... Who ya got?

My gut feelings on this one:

  • If Oklahoma State scores a special teams touchdown, it could be a game changer.
  • If Kendall Hunter breaks a long touchdown run, the Cowboys will be primed to challenge for the upset.
  • If OSU can end two or more Texas drives via turnover--especially by interception--the dynamics of this game get real interesting.
  • If Oklahoma State gets all three of the above, they win. Two out of three and they're well under the spread and challenging for the upset. One of the three and they'll need Texas to play a little flat. Zero out of three and it's hard to see them winning.
  • I like Jordan Shipley to score once through the air and once via trick play or special teams.
  • I like Chris Ogbonnaya and Fozzy Whittaker to combine for 28 carries, 180 yards.
  • I like Blake Gideon and Earl Thomas to respond nicely to Will Muschamp's asking them 4,000 times this week, "Who do you hate?"--to which they had to scream, "The play fake!"
  • I like for our defense to strategically concede yards that won't put points on the board and deny the Cowboys the big plays they need to win.