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Tech Week Launch: The 10 Most Impressive Red Raiders Stats

In no particular order...

1. Texas Tech Sacks Allowed: 3 -- Remarkable for any offense, of course, and a good indicator of what the Red Raiders like to do--strike fast. Quarterback Graham Harrell has improved in this regard from a year ago, when he went down behind the LOS 18 times. Though the Red Raiders schedule is backloaded, they're all but assured to finish beneath that total this year.

2. Texas Tech Yards Per Rush: 5.4 -- A year ago, the Red Raiders only managed 3.13 yards per carry (19 carries per game). This year, they're up a full 2 yards per carry on 7 more attempts per game (25). That helps enormously their already potent passing game.

3. Texas Tech Opponents 3rd Quarter Points: 20 -- A year ago, the Red Raiders allowed just 44 points in the quarter following halftime. Statistical oddity or some kind of trend? I dunno. But 20 points is 20 points. SolidT.

4. Texas Tech Yards Per Catch: 12.2 -- At 34 completions per game, that adds up real fast.

5. Barron Batch Yards Per Touch: 9.01 -- 72 rushes for 545 yards (7.5 ypc) and 24 receptions for 321 yards (13.4) = Awesome.

6. Texas Tech 3rd Downs Converted: 57% -- Up a full 10% so far from 2007. If sustained down the home stretch, they may well be Kansas City-bound.

7. Texas Tech Punts: 14 -- Mike Leach's squad has punted 14 times, gone for it 14 times on 4th down, turned it over 11 times, missed 5 field goals, and scored 57 times.

8. Texas Tech Players with 10+ Receptions: 8 -- Michael Crabtree (60), Detron Lewis (45), Eric Morris (42), Tramain Swindall (31), Baron Batch (24), Edward Britton (20), Shannon Woods (15), Adam James (11).

9. Texas Tech Rushing Touchdowns: 23 -- That total in 2007? Just 18. Leach learned an important lesson.

10. Graham Harrell Passing Yards/Game: 393 -- And after a mortal start to the year, Harrell's caught and joined the pack of Big 12 superfreaks atop the Passer Rating leaderboard.

Ready for another wild one?