Traveling to Lubbock. (!)

I had a professor recently that used to give verbal pop quizzes in class.  He would joke that the winner of the quiz would receive a free trip to Lubbock.  The loser would get two free trips to Lubbock.  In spite of these and other dire warnings, I'm planning on taking the trek upstate to Lubbock, TX to watch our  beloved Horns play the Raiders. 

Now, I've heard some terrible things about the environment there, including:

1. D-Cell batteries being thrown onto the field.

2. Fans verbally and physically abusing opponent fans.

3. Cars being keyed and otherwise vandalized that displayed opponent team logos.

In a word, Lubbock is a unique place to watch a football game.  Lubbock also is shitty place to do anything else. 

So, I appeal to you, fellow BONers, to give me some help in things I should do to make the trip as enjoyable as possible, and also to ensure that I make it back. 

Might I start with a question:  Do I wear burnt orange to the game?

And to any Red Raiders reading this, if the rumors that I hear of your behaviour at  games is true, you should truly be ashamed.  Elite programs exhibit class.  To join the discussion among the rest of the Big XII elite, you need to grow up.

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