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Talkin' Texas Football: Podcast v 1.1

Scipio and I agreed that tonight's podcast went well by any standard, but especially for a first go-round of 80 minutes of non-stop Texas talk. We were especially pleased so many readers tuned in live, but for those who missed the broadcast, an mp3 of the show is provided after the jump. Among the many topics covered:

  • Texas' tense survival of Oklahoma State
  • An interview with Seth from the outstanding Tech blog Double T Nation
  • Why Will Muschamp is succeeding now with players still learning to be great
  • Greg Davis' strengths and weaknesses as a coordinator
  • The amazing evolution of Mack Brown... via the fortuitous loss to A&M?
  • What Fozzy Whittaker can and can't do for the 2008 Longhorns
  • Why Jim Delaney is the smartest asshole in the room

Click through the jump for the audio.

Right click and save to download the interview.