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The Week In Quotes

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TWIQ is back and still undefeated, albeit a day late. Sorry.

If it seems like we've forgotten that there are any other teams out there because we've switched to focusing entirely on Texas-related quotes in the last couple of weeks, that's because we've forgotten that there are any other teams out there.

"I heard somebody say this week that this game would be a blowout, and they were fools. It's really an advantage when you don't watch film."Mack Brown. In the last few weeks we've been called losers and we've been called fools. Should this team finish the season undefeated we're excited to hear what the coaching staff calls the fans. And as if that wasn't enough for Mack's post-game comments...

"I've become a Texas fan, because my standards are way too high for him." - Mack Brown on Colt McCoy's uncanny accuracy. Consider this: Colt has 28 TDs on the season passing and rushing. He has 44 incompletions. Next week's opponent Graham Harrell had 42 incompletions in the first two weeks of the season. Granted, the offensive schemes and passes thrown are completely different, making any real comparison between the two moot...but still.

"I think he stands for all the right things." -- OSU Coach Mike Gundy on his impressions of Colt McCoy. High praise for Colt coming from a man who's 41. In all honesty, this is a wonderful compliment that goes beyond the football field and indicates that people outside the "Texas Bubble" are noticing that not only is our quarterback a great player, but he's also a great ambassador for our University. 

"They're a very good team, that's why they're number 1 in the country. We're not very far behind." -- OSU quarterback Zac Robinson. We couldn't agree more with Robinson's (albeit self-serving) assessment. Okie State showed on Saturday that they're for real. And guess what? On November 29, they get OU in Stillwater. We would not be surprised if the 'Pokes end up being the favorites in that one.

"Texas Tech Univeristy and the entire city of Lubbock are gearing up for what will be the biggest game in school history on Saturday as the No. 6/5 Red Raiders battle No. 1 Texas on Saturday evening in front of a national television audience on ABC." -- Sub-headline for the lead story on the official Texas Tech sports website, a photo gallery of Lubbock's pregame preparations this week.  The pictures are mostly of the students' "Raiderville" where they have been camping out by the stadium all week in order to get inside as early as possible on Saturday. It's nothing compared to Penn State's "Paternoville" or, for that matter, Duke's "Krzyzewskiville," but it's pretty cool. We fear that tortillas could be raining down on the Longhorn Band even earlier than usual from this year's Tech student section. 

And your Quote of the Week:

"Well, we're not Kansas."Roy Miller. After what Tech did to the Jayhawks last week, Miller and his esteemed defensive colleagues will need to make sure their performance refelcts this fact. Saturday can't get here soon enough.