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BZ's News and Views

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In the grand tradition of such terrible writers as Larry King and the terrible newspaper for which he wrote, USA Today, I'm proud to present BZ's News and Views -- random, disjointed thoughts from around the college football world and beyond.


  • Looks like those of you who thought that Mack was reverting to pre-Holiday Bowl Mack were wrong: Cody Johnson started over Vondrell McGee.
  • Looks like Cody Johnson is just about as good as Vondrell McGee is as a starter.
  • Looks like Chris Ogbonnaya is our best running back.
  • Uh oh.
  • This might be controversial, but I prefer Sour Apple Jolly Ranchers to Watermelon.
  • My fantasy football team's success this week comes down to Drew Brees scoring more points than Reggie Bush on MNF.  It feels good to root against Reggie again.  As I write this, Cedric Griffin just caused a Reggie Bush fumble.  Awesome.
  • I just bought a 46" Plasma TV for my 300 square foot Manhattan studio apartment.  It's like having Godzillatron in my bedroom/kitchen/living room.  Best decision ever.
  • I watched the Colorado game on DVR and missed all the other weekend games because I was at my best friend's wedding, which is also a movie that coincidentally was on TV in my hotel room on Saturday morning.  I swear I wasn't watching it.
  • You know what's funny?  An 8 year old kid dancing with a 16 year old to "back that ass up" at a wedding.  Priceless memories.
  • Several weeks ago, Devin Hester took a kickoff in the endzone and then just casually walked forward in an effort to fake out the other team before he started to take off.  The Colorado kick returner this week, on the other hand, clearly had a stroke while the kickoff was in midair.
  • My gargoyle book ends are staring at me.
  • I recently purchased the novel Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon.  I will potentially read it at some point.
  • Doritos' new Fiery Habanero chips are clearly the exact same flavor as some other Doritos flavor of the past that I can't quite place.  They didn't change a thing.  Not one of its 964 ingredients.
  • Only 1 of Colt's 3 interceptions this season is his fault.  One belongs to Buckner and the other to Ullman.
  • On a related note, Ullman cannot catch.  Like, at all.
  • Vondrell had a sweet stiff arm in the second half.
  • Both Jared Norton and Chykie Brown had phenomenal diving pass break-ups without even coming close to pass interference.  That's damn fine coaching right there.
  • Don't look now, but Texas Tech is not only ranked #1 in the nation is pass yards, but is also #64 in the nation in rush yards (#6 in the conference), at 144.40 yards per game.  Last year?  119th with 59.31 per game.  They're tied for 12th in the nation in turnover margin, and are ranked #13 in 3rd down conversion rate and #3 in 3rd down conversion defense.  Also, #29 in pass efficiency defense.  Still think it's the same old Texas Tech?
  • What the hell was Brandon Collins James Kirkendoll doing standing out of bounds when Colt threw his way?
  • Ulatoski got flat out beat by the DE several times on Saturday, once allowing Colt to get sacked.  What the hell, Ulatoski?
  • Roy Miller this weekend was everything I wanted Okam and Lokey to be all last year.  You can be a DT that stops the run AND puts pressure on the QB.  It's possible.
  • Aaron Lewis is a very solid backup DT.  This is a compliment, I swear.
  • Blake Gideon has seemed to be everywhere lately.  And he hits like a ton of bricks.
  • As of right now on MNF, Adrian Peterson has 12 rushes for 25 yards and Reggie Bush has 9 rushes for 29 yards.  And Cedric Griffin just kept Reggie from hitting the corner.  Big fan of this game.  Big fan.
  • I type that and then Reggie Bush returns a punt for a TD.  Thankfully, this does not count toward my fantasy opponent's points.  So there's a silver lining.  Yay!  After all, I do hate AP way more than Reggie.
  • John Gold has the midas touch on his punts this season.
  • You see what I did there?  You like that?  No charge.
  • Dustin Earnest is no Keenan Robinson, but he had a couple of nice hits in mop up duty, including one where he gave up no ground after getting slammed into by the RB.  Take that Peter, with your "consistently looked overmatched" assessment in the Eyes of Texas 2008!
  • If Colt can't run against OU it will be because the Sooners instructed their DE's to stay home.  This will help the running backs.  Unfortunately, our best running back is apparently Chris Ogbonnaya.
  • No seriously, great game, Chris.  You played great.  But are we really going to beat OU with Chris Ogbonnaya as our best running back?
  • Cedric Griffin nearly decapitated Billy Miller just now.  Holy crap, he has a thing for just demolishing tight ends.  Remember the Ohio State TE in the end zone in '05?
  • Also Reggie Bush has returned another punt for a TD and would have had another if he hadn't fallen down. 
  • Oh, but wait, 41-38.  Hey, that rhymes!
  • Ceci n'est pas une blog.
  • My real name is not Billy Zane.
  • Oh, the treachery of images.