Keys to winning

I can't believe the game is just over a day away... I can't concentrate enough to do my schoolwork (big case due tomorrow).

Nearly everyone is seemingly choosing OU to win the game.  No big surprise.  OU is the top ranked team and has an explosive offense led by a Heisman frontrunner.  I remember back in the summer, writers were ranking us as low as fifteen, although we slowly climbed up into the top ten by the start of the season.  We have exceeded the expectations of many people, but we still have a lot to prove.

Here are a few keys to winning, in my view (in no particular order):

1.  Pressure Sam Bradford.

Duh.  Get in his face.  Sack him.  Clobber him after throws.  Force fumbles and bad passes.  I don't wish injury on any player but... make him feel the hurt.  This must be done primarily with the front four.  If the front four can get good pressure by themselves, then we can be a lot more judicious with our blitzes and they'll be more effective.

When Bomar got plastered by Robison, I could feel his pain and misery enter my body and give me strength and joy.  Ahem... I want to feel that way again.

2.  Run the ball consistently well.

I'm going to go ahead and assume Fozzy will not play, probably because he has to go to the Bat Cave and fight some more crime.  Even if he does, we don't need to be looking for homeruns.  We just need a good enough run game to keep Oklahoma honest.  A consistent 4.5 ypc will do the trick.  Also, I think Colt has to run the ball effectively as well.  Seven carries for 45 yards for some key first downs will do.

This has quite a bit to do with our offensive line.  They need to explode off the line and push downfield.

3.  Win the turnover battle.

Jamaal Charles was a great Texas player.  However, his performance in last year's Red River Shootout was a lesson on how NOT to win big games.

4.  Another option must emerge to help out Shipley and Cosby.

I know some disagree and think what we have is fine here, but I really think a young receiver needs to show himself this game.  If someone like Kirkendoll can grab 4 catches for 35 yards and a couple first downs, that'll be golden.  In all likelihood, we're going to try to spread OU's defense out, so somebody needs to step up.

5.  Limit big plays

Make OU earn every single inch.  For such an explosive offense, making them crawl up the field will make them impatient and frustrated.

6.  "Accidentally" crash into Bob Stoops on the sideline (see:  Charlie Weis)

That will bring good luck.  And make us all smile.

7.  Win special teams (and thus, field position)

Sounds a lot like old school, Bill Parcells philosophy, but we don't want to give up short fields while forcing our offense to start on our own twenty all the time.  No missed FG's, no crappy punts, no big returns on us, maybe block a kick, etc.


Any others?  Besides the obvious fact that McCoy must be awesome and we need to have more points on our side of the scoreboard when the clock hits zero in the fourth quarter.

Oh, and OU still sucks.

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