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Game day in the AM.

This is staring me in the face.


The game's on the line.

What does she say?

Oh, I think it will be a really good game.  Best of luck!  Of course I'd love it if we just beat the dog shit out of you guys, but that's not likely.

Hmmmm. Is this a brilliant set-up, this feigned referral to the recent history? Is she that diabolical? Damn PhDs.  She once said she had a 'narrow intelligence.' With her coming from Tech, I believed that all too easily. Very dangerous slip. It wasn't true. Delivered with the innocence of the lamb.

What evil game is she playing?


Personally, the pressure's on her.

First, she's gotta show up.

We will know in the first quarter.

There will be enough adrenalin leaching into the air that even the falling-down drunks will be standing, parroting perfectly respectable idiocy. They'll be showing it off in Prime Time to the red eyes of a nation saturated with so much crap that anything, even the blackest  and most peculiar of mysteries, will hold a strange attraction, and so they watch, adulation at the ready. Everyone loves a parade - and a train wreck.

The keyboard set is poised  to frame and exploit every play for their own sick and twisted means, giving a depth of humor, fear, telepathy, psychokinesis, unadulterated emotion including a lust for the most vicious violence, pizza from Tuesday, bottles and cans at the ready, all in the name of community, in the name of Monday morning quarterbacks and back seat drivers everywhere.

I'll need the first quarter to develop situational tactics with this woman. If Tech can't keep it up - if they're just playing out of their freakin' minds because of the adrenalin rush (think OSU any number of times), then they'll come down - so I'll need to set her up with a lot of poor mouthing  and nonchalant off-putting about how good Tech is, you know, just great.  Hell, just remembering OSU in earlier years, this rush could lead well into the second quarter. Clever, yes. Necessary, yes. Very spooky woman.

But at some point Tech will come down. That's the danger of a big adrenalin start . The down curve is deep, and the Horns will be there waiting. Sorta the way UTEP found out after those first couple of drives. 

My liveblogging may be restrained by her presence. Don't know. I do know the game is the focus.But we will be playing our games within a game. No bets, as of yet, but obviously, we're calculating.


If Tech wants it, they'll have to come and take it. Maybe they have the Gonzales audacity within them. But that doesn't mean they have the horses to back it up. We're not running back to Austin. We're right there in front of you.

What I think this will come down to is the maturity of the quarterbacks. They both have experience, have great passing skills, have command of their respective offenses, and the general confidence of everyone around them. Here is where I am glad we have Colt.

This year has shown, if nothing else, that the young man has grown to a new level as a football player. Part of that is deeply understanding the role he plays both for this team, the institution and within the eyes of a whole pantheon of fans. That he has remained grounded through all this - and so, too, with those around him, Ship, Cos and Rak, the team as an entity - that he has a football clarity that cuts through whatever he might feel personally. He sees plays. He makes plays. And most importantly, Colt inspires and implicitly demands others do so, too.

I would be more comfortable if the defense had the whole complete clarity, too, but they're still coming to it. But, the way Muschamp has played this, to teach only what his defense can react to - to play intuitively instead of thinking - has them able to play without hesitation. We can say that the defense and particularly the back seven will be at their peak of knowledge for the season. Tech would much rather have faced this team four weeks ago than tonight's squad. Those are not young, rookie eyes out there anymore. They've seen too much.

The pressure is on Tech from everywhere. I bet they're a little nervous.

There's a point where you come to understand that a Longhorn knows exactly where the tips of his horns are all the time.

*The title is a quote from Greg Davis, talking about night games at Tech, that the Tech fans get to, heh-heh, get to enjoy the day. I suggest you do the same.

Hook 'em.