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Happy Thirdy Quarter Thread

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Forgive the post title: I'm trying to fit in with the effete theme of the evening, hosted by the Texas offensive line.

Seriously, though, as tempted as you may be to sling mud towards the coaches, resist this once. Our receivers won't catch, our line won't block, and our young secondary is getting pistol-whipped by the Air Raid at its peak.

Which means... yeah: Credit to Texas Tech. For every miscue on the Texas side of the ball, there's been beautiful execution from Texas Tech. From the punt downed at the one to the ferocity with which their defensive line is attacking us, to the brilliance of Graham Harrell so far... they're just outplaying us.

Can Texas come back? Hell yes, but I'll say it: Graham Harrell as a senior is not the same player we've seen in years past. And we've lost whatever depth edge we might have had, because our defense has been on the field the whole time. Tech had as perfect a first half as they could have hoped for. And we've finally had a half of mistakes. Bad combination...

Texas needs to score when they receive the ball and things will be interesting again. Tech's not done scoring, though. Count on that.

Hook 'em Horns.  Beat Tech.