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The Week in Quotes

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The Week in Quotes is back and not gonna half-ass it in honor of Veterans Day.

"When you're number one, and you're number one for a full year, and you lose your gold medal, you feel worse than you've ever felt. I know how you feel. But, it feels even better to come back and fight back." -- Mack Brown paraphrasing US sprinter Sanya Richards. Richards, who is married to Aaron Ross, spoke to the team before playing Baylor. After winning gold at the 2006 World Cup in the 400m sprint, Richards won the "shameful" bronze in the 2008 Olympics, so she knows from whence she speaks. Clearly having somebody speak to the team who has lost in the past was more effective than Mack's pre-Tech speaker, some guy named Lance Armstrong.  

"Texas has such an incredible fan base and such great content through all its sports programs, that we feel a network like this will have a real following." -- Pat Battle, Senior VP at IMG College. The network that Battle is referring to would make Texas the only university in the country with its own television network and would immediately challenge the Big Ten Network for number of quality football games. It's an interesting idea; we're interested in seeing if it has legs.

"You know what this is all about, don't you? BCS. That's what made a difference today in the game. That's what made the difference in a call in front of their bench. Dollar signs." -- Kansas coach Mark Mangino (Youtube here) the last time Texas football traveled to Lawrence. Mangino was pissed off because an offensive pass interference had been called against Kansas on a play that would have given the Jayhawks a first down late in the game. Of course the best quote deriding poor referee work belongs to Saints General Manager Jim Finks who said: "I'm not allowed to comment on lousy, no-good officiating."  

"I want to tell you what an impressive football team the University of Texas has. I do not think I have ever been on a field where I have seen so many big, strong, fast and talented kids." -- Mangino a year later after Texas jumped to a 52-0 halftime edge before winning 66-14. Mike Lupica (possibly the biggest ass in sports journalism) actually suggested Mack was running up the score by kicking a field goal...before halftime. 

''There are a lot of mistakes that you just can't make at this level of ball. It's something that for sure I need to work on.'' -- LSU quarterback Jarrett Lee. At one point Lee was 5-20 before finishing the game a workmanlike 13-34 with 4 ints. With merely below-average quarterback play, the Tigers are probably 8-1 right now and headed to the SEC Championship Game. Instead, atrocious work at the position has them at 6-3 and hoping for a Cotton or Capital One Bowl bid. Worse, they outplayed Alabama in every other possible way on Saturday and could have helped those of us just below the Tide in the BCS. Is there a major program with a worse starting QB than LSU right now? Is there a more despised person in Texas and Louisiana right now than Ryan Perrilloux? The answer to both questions in 'no'. 

"It's tough to criticize a coaching staff that has done almost everything right before 3:30 p.m. Saturday, but when the coaches meet this week, the fingers should be pointed at themselves first." -- Penn State Daily Collegian writer Andrew Wible. Even Texas fans who were overjoyed to see Penn State lose had to feel bad at the sight of an aged Joe Paterno, well, looking sad. We have always found it almost inexcusable for fans of Penn State or Florida State to find any room to criticize Joe Pa or Bobby Bowden because of all they have done for their programs. But to criticize Joe Pa during a magical, unexpected run at a national championship shot...that's bad. Wouldn't conservative coaching have stuck with a running game that had produced under 4 yards a carry rather than "get cute"? Can't we just accept that it is insanely difficult to win every game in college football (even in the Big Ten) and sometimes a team goes on a 15 play game-winning drive. There's nobody to blame or fault, so why try? Just our $0.02.

And your quote of the week...

"I meant what I said. We're not Kansas. Just like I'm not a projection screen, a Longhorn chair or a trash can. It's what I said and what I meant." -- Roy Miller. You go, Roy! Now go back it up.