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Morning Coffee Is Ready For Some Aggie Jokes

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Another record for McCoy.  When pressed on the radio this summer to make season predictions, the answer I settled on was something like, "Texas will win 10 games once again--9 in the regular season and an impressive 10th in a bowl romp, setting up a great run in 2009." Though that prediction was meant to be a positive one, it obviously sold short greatly the 2008 Longhorns, assuming Vince Young's career wins record was out of reach until next year.

Wrong, wrong, wrong--and barring an unthinkable collapse to A&M in Austin on Thanksgiving, Colt McCoy will become UT's all-time wins leader before Texas even plays in its bowl.


Speaking of which...  I was raised not to kick a collie when it's down, but the meltdown at TexAgs after A&M's blowout loss to Baylor has been impossible to ignore. A sampling of the post titles gracing the front page of the football forum on Monday morning include:
  • We are Mississippi State
  • Please God make it stop
  • I'm done
  • I know we are stuck with Sherman for a few more years...
  • Pumpers need to open their eyes
  • Death Penalty Bad

And my personal favorite: "Start Stephen McGee."  I expect Will Muschamp, Colt McCoy and the Longhorns to rock the Aggies no matter who starts the game, but there is nothing I would like more than to send Stephen McGee out of College Station with a humiliating loss. A little revenga for the last two inexplicable losses to A&M that came with McGee as the starting QB.

2007 Recruiting Class shines.  I remember celebrating at BON when Dallas Skyline safety Christian Scott officially announced his commitment to Texas, becoming the final member of what was already a strong 2007 recruiting class. And in fact, should Scott become a consistent contributor for Texas, he'll join a long list of players from the '07 class who have already made notable contributions to Texas: Michael Huey, Kyle Hix, Blaine Irby, Cody Johnson, Fozzy Whittaker, Malcolm Williams, James Kirkendoll, Brandon Collins, Sam Acho, Curtis Brown, John Chiles, Keenan Robinson, and Earl Thomas.

What will it take for Christian Scott to play more? Coach Boom gave us a hint after Saturday's game:

"Christian’s been a guy that we’ve felt has been there ability-wise all year. We base so much off practice and how they prepare. That’s something he’s got to improve on. It’s great because he’s going to build some confidence. He’s got all the physical tools, he’s just got to have the opportunity."

(emphasis mine)

Practice; we're talkin' about practice. Get after it Christian.

Gazelles in the hunt for #1 seed.  Junior Ashley Engle's 24 kills helped the Gregory Gazelles pull out a tough 3-2 road win over Kansas State this weekend, improving the #4-ranked Longhorns to 22-6 overall, 12-5 in Big 12 play. Though the Gazelles looked like they gave away a shot at a share of the Big 12 title when they slipped up at home to Oklahoma, a Colorado upset of Nebraska has kept the door open, putting Texas in the same position as it was a year ago--playing at home with a shot at the conference title and, perhaps, a #1-seed in the NCAA Tournament.