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The Week in Quotes

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We were at the game on Saturday, and have concluded that Lawrence is cold. Also that small stadiums with somewhat apathetic student sections result in easily accessible 50 yard line seats. Finally, Texas needs to copy one thing about Kansas' treatment of its big donors: recliners in the endzone!

"Physically, we've just been a little bit outmatched against those teams." --KU Quarterback Todd Reesing on his team's performance against the Big XII South's three-headed monster of Texas, OU, and Tech. Not much comment necessary here, but last season's feel-good Jayhawks are back where they were in 2006: a solid bowl team that can't compete with the big boys. The question for Kansas now has to be: do they believe that this is as good as their football program can ever hope to be? Or do they want to throw in the resources and commitment necessary to take an actual, permanent step forward? It's hoops season anyway...

"I think we did a good job, but we have things we can improve on. We hold ourselves to a standard. We're going to take the win, but we have to go back tomorrow and fix things." --Texas DT Roy Miller. Does anyone else hear Muschamp's voice coming through Roy's mouth? After the best defensive performance of the season, this is all Miller had to say about how well they played. Love it.

"Normally, wins are successes and losses are failures, but Tuesday night's matchup with No. 8 Texas has all the makings of that nasty moral victory scenario." Tulane Rivals site writer Scott Kushner on tonight's basketball matchup between the 'Horns and the Wave. Our friend Scott has a great preview of the game from a Tulane perspective. From the Longhorns' point of view, tonight is an opportunity to finally get Dogus Balbay on the court and to tune up before a really exciting stretch in the upcoming weeks. Texas will play some quality opponents in Maui next week (starting with St. Joe and possibly ending with Big Bad North Carolina) and will receive a return visit from UCLA on Dec. 4. Before conference play begins, the Longhorns will also take on Villanova, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Arkansas. Woo! Hoops!

"Texas Tech entered the 2002 game at OU with a shot at winning the division, but suffered a 60-15 setback." --From the Texas Tech official sports website's official preview of this weekend's showdown with Oklahoma. In one sentence, the Techsans unintentionally summed up why it seems so strange for Texas Tech to be in the conversation about winning the Big XII South, let alone the national championship. The preview mentions the 2002 game as the last time Tech played in Norman with a shot at the division title, and it's the closest the Red Raiders have ever come to playing in the conference championship game. Obviously more hilarious is the reference to a 60-15 smackdown as a "setback."

"The BCS will thrive on ESPN." -- ESPN President George Bodenheimer. Put aside for a moment any moroseness over the fact that, with a new TV deal, the BCS is now contractually obligated to exist at least through 2014. Is college football not one of, if not the, most popular sports in America right now? How in the world could the biggest games of the season be on cable? We know that most people have access to ESPN, but how could Disney not want to put these games on ABC instead? It just strikes us as weird.

And, your quote of the week:

"The University of Texas has struck an agreement with Defensive Coordinator Will Muschamp that will keep him in Austin and eventually lead him to the head coaching position for the Longhorns, Athletics Director DeLoss Dodds said on Tuesday." -- Story on MBTF. Posted just as we were finishing TWIQ.