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Press Conference Open Thread: Will Muschamp To Succeed Mack Brown

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Rumors abound, including a published report on Orangebloods, that Mack Brown's successor will be named today. And that it's Will Muschamp.

If true: Oh. My. God.

UPDATE: BOOM!   Confirmed at MB-TF!!!  Will Muschamp is your next head coach.  There is a God, and he wears burnt orange.  Halle-freaking-lujah!

A note:  "Timing" is the word of the day, as in: (1) Why make this announcement/move now? And (2) Why did it have to come 1.5 hours before my moot court oral arguments? Here I am, rehearsing the post I'm going to write this evening, instead of rehearsing my arguments for moot court. So it goes.... Regardless, I'll have a full post tonight on why I think this is the right decision, and why the timing--a legitimate question--doesn't change that.