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Non-Con Debate Revisited

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Now that we've thoroughly established that Muschamp sits at "the right hand of the father" and we've completely explored all the "what happens to Texas' title hopes if OU beats Tech after a last-second game winning Harrell to Crab TD pass gets nullified by a sideline infringement flag thrown for by a ref who once played cards with Barry Switzer" scenarios, I thought we might engage in a little bye-week beat down and revisit a long-standing BON debate.

There have been a number of exhaustive philosophical discussions regarding the Longhorns' non-conference scheduling practices here at the BON...

Defenders of Mack Brown, who supports an easier non-conference slate, typically argue that the Big XII conference schedule is tough enough as it is and if and when UT navigates it successfully, their SOS will rival that of any other team should both teams finish undefeated or with the same record. In other words, the glamour associated with playing tough non-conference games in September isn't worth risking a chance to play for all the marbles in January.

And up until this year, the argument for a harder non-conference schedule usually boiled down to the notion that going undefeated in conference play alone is so rare that Texas might as well include tough non-cons to ensure their SOS is high and they won't get left out of the title conversation should multiple teams finish with one loss.

But back then, I don't think anyone really considered the potential tie-breaker scenario that we're faced with now if Texas, OU, and Tech should all finish 7-1. I think we all just figured the conference champion would always be decided on the field and never left up to the voters.

Now Longhorns fans have to go to sleep at night knowing there is a very real possiblity that OU, of all teams, could get the nod to play in yet another Big XII Championship and possibly National Championship because of what amounts to a beauty contest despite losing to Texas and finishing with the same record.

And belive me, if that happens, Mack's cute little comeback - "we'll just go where they tell us to go" - ain't gonna stop Longhorn Nation from coming absolutely, friggin' unglued.

So here's the question: Regardless of what team from the south ends up in the conference title game this year, should Mack consider changing his non-conference scheduling philosophy moving forward?