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Attention Human Voters: The Case for Texas

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OU has just delivered a beatdown of Texas Tech that is going to be tempting to use as reason for moving OU ahead of Texas on your ballots.  This is a reasonable instant reaction.  OU played well.  Of course, Tech played terribly, and not all of that can be credited to OU.  But I beseech every one of you human voters to stop, read this, and contemplate what you're doing before you do it.  Because there is most definitely an excellent and convincing case to be made for Texas being ranked above OU and Texas Tech.

As you know, Texas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma played a round-robin as they do every year and all three came out 1-1.  Tech played 1 game on the road and 1 at home.  OU played 1 at home and 1 on a neutral field.  Texas played 1 on a neutral field and 1 on the road.  Which one of these is harder than the other 2?  Had Texas played Tech in Austin, would the Longhorns have won?  I don't know because Texas didn't play Tech at home, just as they didn't play OU at home.  That's got to be worth something.  Advantage Texas.

So let's look at the losses.  Tech lost in epic, blowout fashion tonight.  OU lost by 10 points on a neutral field.  Texas lost on a touchdown pass with 1 second left in the game (1 play after dropping a sure-thing interception) on the road.  Advantage Texas.

Texas played the most epic 4-game stretch off teams in probably 20 years, in which they beat OU, Missouri and Oklahoma State, all top-11 teams at the time.  And in the 4th game of that brutal stretch, on the road in a hostile environment at night, they didn't fold like Tech did tonight; they battled on their last, weary legs and lost on a last-second touchdown pass.  Neither OU nor Tech had to go through even a 3-game stretch the likes of which Texas blew through on their way to Lubbock.  Advantage: Texas.

Let's look at the wins.  OU has not yet played Oklahoma State, which both Texas and Tech have beaten at home.  Texas beat Kansas by 28 points in Lawrence (35-7), Tech beat Kansas by 42 in Lawrence, and OU beat Kansas by 14 at home (where all of OU's big games have been this year....well, except the one they TEXAS), giving up 31 points in the process.  Advantage Texas over OU.

OU did beat TCU and Cincinnati, two decent teams.  Have to give them that.  Of course, they also played two of the worst teams in football.  I would have said "two of the worst teams in D-1 football" except Chattanooga is actually one of the worst teams in Division 2 football, with a pathetic 1-11 record.  Oh and the other team?  Washington, which lost today to Washington State and is now 0-11.  Tech played TWO division 2 teams.  Texas played none, and actually played an SEC team.  There's something to be said for not being able to take several weeks off to stay fresh for your later games by playing a D-2 team or the equivalent of one.  Texas has not played one of those teams and has not had a week to take off.  Oh, and beyond that, Texas beat the ever living crap out of Missouri, a top-15 team than neither Tech nor OU have beaten this year.  Advantage Texas

Oh, and one more thing.  If you're like most voters and you've moved Tech out of the equation after their terrible performance tonight, and you're deciding between Texas and OU, agonizing over who should be ranked ahead of who, let me remind you of one thing.  On a beautiful October Day in Dallas--not Austin, not Norman, Dallas--Texas beat Oklahoma by 10 points.  If you were ever thinking to yourself, "These two are close, I wish I had a some neutral, objective way of determining which of these teams was better,"  well, I think this might be it. 

Think about this: if Texas and OU end up in a 2-way tie for the Big 12 South, Texas wins.  But then, if they end up in a 3-way tie with Texas Tech, OU might win over Texas, not by virtue of doing anything different than what they already have, but simply by virtue of Tech having 1 loss in conference instead of 2.  What Tech does or doesn't do should have nothing to with whether Texas or OU wins the Big 12 South.  And only the BCS can make sure that it doesn't by ranking Texas ahead of OU.  And that means you, human voters.

It's the Battle Cry of the University: Remember the Cotton Bowl!  45-35 on a neutral field.  Advantage Texas.