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Polls & BCS Standings Open Thread

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The USA Today Coaches poll shoud be released about around 11 am, the Harris Poll should be out around 3 pm, and the BCS standings will be released sometime after that.

It is important to note that today is not the end of the race but more like a halfway point. It does matter if Texas is ahead on OU in the BCS this afternoon, but the rankings that matter most come out next Sunday. So, don't get too excited if Texas is No. 2 and OU is No. 3 or 4 this afternoon, as ESPN BCS expert Brad Edwards has predicted. The case for the Longhorns still needs to be made and made loudly.

As BZ has already laid out:

  • Texas was the only team not to play a game at home against the other top two teams in the South.
  • Texas lost on the last play of the game not in a blowout or by double digits on a neutral field.
  • Texas went 3-1 in an unmatched stretch of games, all of which came against top-11 ranked teams.
  • Between Texas and OU, the Longhorns have the more impressive win over Kansas.
  • On average, the Texas non-conference schedule was the toughest of the three, and the Longhorns own the only win over Missouri, the Big XII North champions.
  • And last, 45-35 on October 11th in Dallas.

Use this thread to post your comments as we get the data.

UPDATE: USA Today Coaches Poll Texas #4 and OU #2 with four first place votes. You've got to be f*$^ing kidding.

UPDATE: AP Poll is out and with Texas four points behind OU for third place. Can someone explain why Florida is in front of Texas and OU?

UPDATE: Harris Poll is out. Texas is #4 and OU #3 by a small margin. My projections have Texas holding onto #2 in the BCS, barely