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Thursday Night Mayhem: Your Role In Texas' Trip To Miami

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This was also intended to be one among a long series of notes, but upon reflection... it needs to be its own post. Here's what I want everyone who reads this to do:

  1. Think about how close this BCS Standings race is.
  2. Consider the points below about the role Texas' game on Thursday will play in that race.
  3. Send this post via email to 10 Longhorns fans that you know, urging them to do the same.
Considering the importance of Texas showing the nation on Thanksgiving that this is a team that should be playing for it all... we need to do our part as fans to make sure the scene on TV is a lot like that circus viewers just saw in Norman. Crazy fans, with Texas routing badly the Aggies in a statement game that forces voters to take seriously everything else we're saying about Texas versus OU. Don't just take my word for it, either: Mack gets it, too.


1, 1A, 1B, and 1C. Probably 2, as well.  Texas fans are going bonkers making the early case that Oklahoma shouldn't jump the Longhorns. As noted: I'm with you.

But let's be very clear about one thing: All our posturing about resumes, head-to-head qualifiers, and all the rest depend enormously on Texas thoroughly dominating Texas A&M on national television Thursday night.

Think back to 2004, when Mack Brown was lamely accused of "whining" for asking voters to take a good, hard look at Texas and the Golden Bears in casting their final ballots. Mack was doing two things, neither of which can be fairly characterized as whining: First, he was asking the outlier idiots (e.g. the clown who had Texas ranked #9) to present a respectable final ballot. Second, he was putting pressure on Cal to go on national television and perform convincingly against Southern Miss in their final appearance before those final votes were cast. (They did not.)

On Thursday, Texas has an opportunity to make a statement against A&M that will lend forceful support to the arguments Mack Brown and the rest of us will want to make on Friday and Saturday about Texas' worthiness. Not only can Thursday's game support Texas' case, but it seems clear now that if Texas is to win any three-way tiebreakers with Tech and OU, it must. Given the points Oklahoma is guaranteed to pick up in the computers, Texas' hopes rest in large part on convincing a block of human voters to look closely at their final ballots and reward Texas more than they have Oklahoma in this week's poll.

Without some movement in the human vote, Oklahoma will pass Texas. And while I'm one of those who thinks Texas can pick up ground in the human polls, this much I know: It ain't happening without a performance on Thursday night which reminds voters that Texas is big, bad, and... oh, yeah... 10 points better than OU in Dallas.

Do your effing part.  With that said: If you have a ticket to this game.... you have a role to play in this effort. Either plan on going to DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium and being as loud and frighteningly hungry for domination as we want/need the team to be, or pass along your ticket to someone who will be. 

I'm dead serious: If you have any thoughts at all about attending the national championship game in Miami should Texas make it, do your part on Thursday night. Loud. Insane. Hungry.... Or give away the ticket. 

Do. Your. Part.

Make. DKR. Shake.