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BZ's News and Views

In the grand tradition of such terrible writers as Larry King and the terrible newspaper for which he wrote, USA Today, I'm proud to present BZ's News and Views -- random, disjointed thoughts from around the college football world and beyond.


  • I've been a little preoccupied with BCS stats and trying not to get secretly laid off at my law firm, which has been a little bit of an issue for some at my firm the last week or so (but success!  so far!), so the frequency of the ol' News and Views has waned quite a bit.  But I thought I'd give all of you a nice hearty Thanksgiving helping of non sequtirs.  Now with even less football talk!
  • How about Schlabach, huh?  Friend of the blog.
  • I love everything about the Charlie Weis Era at Notre Dame except for the fact that Jimmy Clausen is rounding into a decent QB.  Oh, and the pants situation.  Biggest. Pleats. Ever.
  • I've seen the Tulane and Notre Dame basketball games and I have to say that this team reminds me of a more talented but less cohesive 2003-04 Texas squad (the year after TJ left).
  • My firm's football team just had a 10-0 regular season in the NYC Lawyer's League, outscoring our opponents 258-68.  Add this to my two law school championships and it's plain to see that BZ just wins football games.
  • Each year, I have a lucky Longhorns shirt that I don't wash until Texas loses.  I didn't do a load of laundry after the Tech game so I was wearing it again for the Baylor game.  It smelled.  Horribly.  I was admonished to take it off.  Texas was up 14-0 so I thought, what the hell, we'll beat Baylor regardless of what shirt I'm wearing.  So I took it off.  Baylor proceeded to score 14 consecutive points.  I put it back on and Texas went on a 31-0 run.  Never doubt the shirt.
  • Except when Blake Gideon has a chance to intercept a  I'm over it.
  • I'm totally not over it.
  • Shelden Williams looks like Ken Griffey Jr. on the Simpsons softball episode after he's had too much brain and nerve tonic.  It's uncanny. I've been screaming this for years, since Williams was at Duke.  And he's engaged to Candace Parker?  The world is unfair.


  • So anyone remember that Capitol Hill intern who kept an anonymous blog about whoring herself out to famous Washington bigwigs?  Except then it became not-so-anonymous and she got fired, wrote a book which is now being made into an HBO show, and filed for bankruptcy?  Yeah, my law school buddy is marrying her.  I'm invited to their post-wedding celebration.  It should be interesting.
  • I make some killer apple sauce at Thanksgiving.  Jealous?
  • Seriously though, Notre Dame just lost to Syracuse.  Love it.
  • My dirtiest little secret is that I sort of don't hate purple popsicles.  Shhhh.
  • If Barack Obama truly wants a Team of Rivals, he needs to appoint someone who is not a true college football playoff proponent.  I'm available and ready to serve my country, Mr. President Elect.  And really, what's more practical than a flexible solution to one of the great problems of our day?
  • In case you're wondering, I'm avoiding talking about the BCS situation.  I'm completely burnt out from the 3 weeks of hyper-analyzation I've undertaken.  Next week shouldn't be nearly as confusing.  Which is good news.  I don't think my brain could take it.
  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and remember, in these confusing times, salvation is just one Texas Tech loss away.  Go Bears!  Go Noles!  War Eagle!  And of course...
  • Hook 'em Horns.