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College Football Saturday TV Guide

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Saturday's game day resources and TV lineup.


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Complete Week 14 TV Line Up

High Definition TV Sports Guide

Live Vegas Lines

Top 25 Scoreboard

Big 12 Scoreboard


11:00 Georgia Tech @ Georgia Georgia -8
11:00 Virginia at Virginia Tech Va Tech -8
11:00 South Carolina at Clemson Clemson -1
11:30 Missouri vs Kansas (Kansas City) Missouri -16
2:30 Auburn at Alabama Alabama -14.5
2:30 Florida at Florida State Florida -17
2:30 Maryland at Boston College Boston College -6.5
2:30 Baylor at Texas Tech Texas Tech -22
2:30 Houston at Rice Houston -3
2:30 North Carolina at Duke UNC -7.5
5:30 Kentucky at Tennessee Tennessee -4
6:00 Vanderbilt at Wake Forest Wake -4
7:00 Oklahoma at Oklahoma State Oklahoma -7.5
7:00 Notre Dame at USC USC -32