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Mailbag: Texas Rose Bowl Edition

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With each passing week in this crazy season comes more and more email to my inbox. As always, I try to respond to everyone's email individually or on the site. I will never use anyone's full name unless you explicitly authorize me to.

I read your post on all the various scenarios. Thanks for putting that together. I personally don't think we're gonna get to Miami, but what do you think might the most likely "dream scenario" if Miami doesn't happen?

--Kendall R.

If Penn State or Tech win out, Miami's not happening, you're right. If either team loses, it'll get interesting. But let's take Miami out of the equation for a moment and consider my other Dream Scenario, which I didn't mention in that post, but talked about briefly during Sunday night's podcast.

Assume the following:

  1. Penn State wins out, goes to Miami.
  2. Tech beats OSU.
  3. OU beats Tech.
  4. OSU beats OU.
  5. SEC champ gets Miami bid.
  6. Texas wins out.

In this scenario, Texas Tech wins the Big 12 South, and either they or the Big 12 North winner get the auto-bid to the Fiesta Bowl. National Title Game is Penn State vs Bama/Florida. And now we move to Texas' bowl game.

Would the Longhorns be BCS bound? Absolutely. Most likely destination? Either the Sugar Bowl or Rose Bowl, who have first dibs on replacing their tie-in teams lost to the national title game. I think it's more likely than not that in this scenario the Sugar Bowl would take the Bama-UF runner-up to preserve the SEC tie-in, with the Rose Bowl snagging Texas. A Trojans-Longhorns rematch in the Rose Bowl? Yes, please.

Outside the chance to play for a conference or national title, could Texas fans ask for anything more? The Rose Bowl is a perfect January destination, we'd likely face an 11-1 USC team, and--get this--the stage would be set for 2009, which will also conclude in Pasadena, as it'll the Rose Bowl's turn to host the national title.

Deja vu?

(Final note: this scenario also works if Tech wins out, but loses Big 12 Title Game. Pretty much any scenario where Penn State plays in Miami and Texas finishes 11-1 but short of Kansas City is likely to lead to a trip to the Rose Bowl.)