Texas Edged Out by OU in BCS Standings


Texas is ahead of OU by 6 points in the new Harris poll. This means that we need the computers to be a dead heat or a slight UT edge in order to go to Kansas City. UPDATE by billyzane: Texas' human average is .9135, while OU's is .9128. So if the computers are tied or Texas is ahead, Texas will be ranked ahead in the BCS and go to Kansas City. If OU is ranked ahead of Texas by ANY amount in the computers, then OU will be ahead. UPDATE by 40AS : Fox has just revealed the BCS standings and it's bad news for the 'Horns. The computers have given OU a .013 point advantage, putting them at number 2 in the BCS and thus in the Big XII Championship Game. Worse, Fox had Barry Switzer on the broadcast talking about how "Bob took the high road" in the run-up to the standings. Unbelievable.