A Letter Of Apology To Texas Fans

Hey gang,


CCMachine here, I just wanted to drop by and say congrats on a great season. I realize that this could sound like congratulations in jest but please trust me that it isn’t. While I’ll never apologize for Oklahoma playing in the Big 12 Championship Game I will offer a sincere apology for the circumstances in which the Sooners were selected. I didn’t think that it was a fair situation for any of the teams involved.


I was in the Cotton Bowl when the Longhorns beat OU and made no excuses for the loss then nor do I now. In fact, I walked out of the State Fair shocked at how physical Texas was. I’ll give the Longhorns every ounce of credit that they deserve and say that you guys have a very solid case and every right to be mad as heck.


Let me also say that I appreciate your visits to Crimson and Cream Machine and have enjoyed most of the comments left by Texas fans. As long as there is Oklahoma and Texas there will be banter between the two and I can’t help but think how much this is going to add to the rivalry next October.


OU isn’t at fault for the decisions made and neither are the fans. The system is what it is and has been in place since 1995 I guess. Everyone knew what the possible scenarios were and agreed to them long ago. I know that doesn’t make anything better but it does show that there isn’t any blame to put on Oklahoma’s shoulders. All they did was finish the season strong.  


I know that you will all be rooting for the Tigers Saturday night and I wouldn’t expect anything different. I just wanted to stop by and say that as a member of your hated rival I am sorry for the way things went down today. Why I don’t totally agree with everything that comes from your camp I certainly understand your beef.

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