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The Week In Quotes

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TWIQ is back and still sad. Realizing that we're all still down, we thought we'd cheer things up a bit here. When PB pitched this weekly column idea he suggested it could be a combination of news and entertainment. Most of the time we've stuck to newsy, this time we'll go for entertainment and motivation. Because, to be honest, it's still too painful to read about the game. 

As has been amply demonstrated, there's still a ton of football to be played. Texas is still in very good position for a BCS game and possibly even a national championship game appearance. 

"I don't care what the scoreboard says, in my book we're gonna be winners." Imagine at the start of this year being told Texas would beat OU and Mizzou and be 8-1 after the most brutal stretch any college football team has played this side of WWII. It's easy to be disappointed, but this team has already accomplished far more than anybody dared imagine this season.

"The last couple of months Senator Rumson has suggested that being President is to a certain extent about character...I can tell you without hesitation that being President of this country is entirely about character." This speech doesn't entirely fit into the theme of this post, but it's Election Day (go vote!) and Mack is one classy dude, so it stays! 


This is not a "quote" as such, but it's pretty awesome football motivation stuff.

And this week's Youtube quote of the week:

If that doesn't fill you with pride, you probably belong elsewhere.