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The Day That Common Sense Died

MGoBrian's got his draft ballot up and he decided on Oklahoma ahead of Texas, for the reasons we've discussed multiple times here already. Though he mistakenly replaces on Texas' schedule Kansas with Kansas State, I'm certain getting that right wouldn't make a lick of difference based on his ballot and published reasoning.

No, what makes Brian's ballot a frontrunner for the wack ballot watch this week is not OU at #1, but Texas at... #4?

You read that right. Brian offers the standard TCU-Cincinnati bit, decides to toss out head-to-heads and common opponents, and rolls with OU at #1. Fine. I dislike the analysis (and find it comically thin considering its publication immediately following a highly nuanced ND 2007 vs Michigan 2008 analysis), but have acknowledged repeatedly that the adopted line of argument clears the lowest bar: Not Irrational. Where Brian really falls off a cliff is in sandwiching Florida and Alabama between the Sooners and Longhorns. I think that's indefensible on any ballot for any stated reason, but it's outright preposterous when in the same draft ballot Brian writes:

"ALSO: obviously I have moved Oklahoma to #1, and Florida to #2. I am convinced by Dr. Saturday's arguments that Alabama's schedule is so far off the other two teams I've put above them that even with losses they've had better seasons."

The logic behind dropping Bama is sound (I did the same), but the notion that there exists a gap wide enough between Texas and Oklahoma to squeeze in the same poor-schedule Bama team is...

Whatever. I'm not out hunting heads and it obviously matters little to none, but that was the moment--today, reading Brian's post--when I quit trying to make any sense of this week's balloting--in polls that count or otherwise.

If Brian Cook, who is smart, informed, can process multiple concepts simultaneously, etc, tosses out OU #1, Bama #3, Texas #4... Lord knows what the Harris Poll voters (whoever they are) did. And don't get me started on the Cronies Coaches Poll.

I've been as quiet and dignified as I can possibly be. Today, I just threw up my hands. The only thing that helps is that I was prepared for bad news Sunday; the system is what it is, and we knew it was a mess ages before these latest standings were released.