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Pick 'Em & T-Shirt Update

Five finals down, one to go. I'm in the clear. Three notes on some important housekeeping matters that have slipped badly of late.


If BON owes you a t-shirt for any reason (whether it be because I promised you one for any reason, you won it in a previous contest, or you have paid for one):

  1. Email me here.  Odds are, I've got the info somewhere deep in the bowels of my inbox, but the point of this post is to try to get all this sh*t in order. It'll help me make sure I get you what you're owed if you can get in touch. Remind me of what you're owed the shirt for, your address, and what size(s) you want.
  2. Accept my apologies. Back when Wiggo was in charge of the shirts, these things got shipped out in time. I made the horrid mistake of taking the box of shirts up to law school with me. And I absolutely suck at getting this crap done. Mea culpa in a big way.
  3. If you paid for a shirt or shirts, let me know how much money you sent me and what your order was. I think there's one person out there who I'm so tardy on delivering a shirt to that he will be receiving a full refund (along with the shirt). All late shipments of paid orders will receive a "Sorry dude" refund of some sort.
  4. I will make sure I have a pure, perfect t-shirt list compiled by mid-January when I return to the shirts in South Bend. My first trip back home will be to the post office. I'm terribly sorry for all those who have waited patiently (or given up in frustration) while I've mismanaged this.
  5. Finally, our online vendor for a planned shirt store launch has proven itself unreliable. Please be advised that we will not be accepting any paid orders for shirts until there's an actual store to process orders. I can't be counted on to do this crap -- I'm beyond overextended as it is. In the meantime, I solemnly swear that everyone who is owed a t-shirt as of today will have it in hand by February 1, 2009.


  1. First, congratulations to the_chairman211, this year's overall season winner in the college pick 'em contest! Mr. Chairman, make sure I have your mailing address. Per this year's contest prize rules, you've won a copy of Adam Jones' outstanding Rose Bowl Dreams (for your single week win) and the Darrel Royal autographed football (for your season win). Outstanding picks throughout the year -- congratulations, sir. Please get in touch with your contact/mailing info so I can get you both your prizes.
  2. The following single-week winners need to email me with their information to claim their weekly prize -- a copy of Rose Bowl Dreams.
    Hiphopopotamus, Big Tex BD, Jestor Texas, Corn Blight, ryanvo250, blazzinken, UTJimmy, Longhorn Eskimos, UMichGA, aconsta130.


Wiggo went ahead and set up a bowl pick 'em challenge league on  That will be our official league. Obviously, we're already under way, so apologies that this last hectic week has prevented us from getting this going properly. Regardless, as an addendum, please note: Crocs shoes/sandals recently got in touch to offer to BON contest winners a pair of Longhorns Crocs. So, our top two finishers this year will receive a a pair of Longhorns Crocs in addition to their BON t-shirt. If you win, we'll email you for your shoe size.