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Titans-Steelers Thoughts

Just got back from watching the Titans whip the Steelers at a local sports bar. A few thoughts, including a few follow up thoughts on last night's post:

  • Though my point in the Collins-VY post was that the Titans should be shooting for improvement by using Young in some form, I saw more than enough from Collins today to agree with those who say making a change this season would be a bad idea. Collins was at his absolute best today -- certainly good enough to let Tennessee's other strengths shine and take care of the game. I certainly wouldn't replace him as the starter.
  • With that said, my point last night stands: The Titans offense is B/B+, with ample room to improve. You can't convince me there aren't situational roles for Vince Young on that team. 
  • The Titans whipped the Steelers today by controlling both lines of scrimmage. Jason Jones was a terror on defense, while the Titans' offensive line handled the Steelers zone blitzes far better than most. Kerry Collins played mistake-free football and that was that. This is a very impressive Tennessee football team.
  • Michael Griffin had 2 INTs for the Titans today, including one run back for a touchdown. Attakid.
  • Bruce Arians is a joke.
  • Ben Roethlisberger holds the football forever.
  • Congrats to the Titans, who clinch home field throughout the playoffs. I can't stand Jeff Fisher, but I like so many players on this Titans team. And even though I think this offense could be better if they'd look to exploit Vince Young here and there, it was fun seeing Kerry Collins (what is he, 40 years old now?) out there getting it done. Pretty great story.