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I want to go to Miami, damn it!

Call the boys at and tell them to gas the plane up and send it to KC this weekend with "56-31, suck it Sooners" on the banner this time. When (and if) OU barely beats Mizzou, a team we thrashed 56-31, and even more coaches and Harris voters realize we're really the better team and put Texas even further ahead of OU in the people polls than they did last week (a lot more), why can't Texas vault OU the way they vaulted us? Like in Revenge of the Nerds, except the jocks and good looking people from Texas win this time. Computers are only 1/3 of the equation and if memory serves (carry the one) the voters still own 2/3 of the pie (mmm, pie). If Ralph Wiggam can beat the smart kids, why can't we? 

Seriously, I know it's probably like trying to stuff poop back in a pig, but why can't we throw the proton packs back on, cross the streams, and send the Stoops Puft Marshmallow Man back to the 3rd Dimension or Enid or where ever the hell he came from? BZ, do some of that nerd shit, man, and make it so #2. They may close Wally World, but they don't close Florida. I want to go to Miami damn it!