NYT Acknowledges Furor, Immediately Makes it Worse


This sidebar report lifted from the DMN's Texas blog is being published today in the sports section of the New York Times. It essentially says that Mack Brown denies any recruiting improprieties in the wake of losing JMac to OU. Um, ok. Unbelievably, there is absolutely no mention of the Thayer Evans article that engendered the need for this article. So here's the logic within this sidebar report: "Texas did not get a recruit and as a result, Mack Brown says his program's recruiting practices are clean." That makes no internal sense. No one reading this article without knowledge of the previous Evans article would have any conceivable idea of why Mack Brown was defending the legality of his practices when Texas lost the recruit. The NYT just decided that they didn't want to be a part of the story so they left out the part where their reporting (which was done without ever calling for corroboration of any of the interested parties) is what's being debated here, not Texas' recruiting practices. Well....tough s--- guys, you made yourselves part of the story by shoddily reporting it in the first place. The accusations made in the article that ran in THIS VERY PAPER make up the entire damn story! How can you not mention that? How can you not mention that fact when the NYT article is the entire focus of the DMN post that you're quoting? This is the same crap that Evans did in the original article that made it awful journalism to begin with! If this is you attempting to give the "other side of the story," you're doing it wrong. The other side of the story isn't that Texas runs a pretty damn clean program (that's well documented, unlike a few programs I can think of) but rather that Thayer Evans and the NYT sports editor were allowed to print this garbage to begin with.