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Bevo's Daily Roundup 1.01.09

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Horns_bullet_medium JaMarkus McFarland is not upset about the story that ran in the New York Times, but he is unhappy with people's reaction to the article.

Horns_bullet_medium The President weighs in on determining a national champion. The year is 1969 and the game is Arkansas vs. Texas.


The Horns are practicing at Scottsdale Community College, home of the Fighting Artichokes. A vegetable for a mascot?

Mack Brown is not happy with idea of a four team playoff.

"I know there [are] about eight teams or 10 teams this year that look like they could maybe play for a national championship," Brown said. "And we talk about us not getting in, there are a lot of other teams that could be mad too when you look at it. And then you have a team like [Texas] Tech that wins 11 games and doesn't get to a BCS bowl."

It sounds as if some of the Buckeyes are getting a little stressed out about the game with Texas.

"You definitely see pass first," Malcolm Jenkins said Wednesday of the Longhorns' offense. "That's what stands out and how they get the ball around through the air. The second thing that stands out to me is how patient Colt (McCoy) is. He is not always looking to run first. Once nothing is there, he can move around the pocket. Things start to open up when guys have to cover for more than five seconds. Hopefully we can get our D-line to not let him run around too often. On the back end, it stresses us out a lot."

40acressports discusses the advantages of bowl games: The extra practices for the staff and the players.


The Ohio State University Buckeyes


It does not sound as if the Buckeyes are going to have any fun on this trip.

I spoke with someone who has seen the Ohio State team itinerary, and there is apparently no “fun time” side trips or events planned. No Insight Bowl or Suns games for the Buckeyes. They’re going out to dinner twice as a team, but that’s it.

Whether that’s good or bad, who knows, but I found it interesting. It’s either going to make the Buckeyes intensely focused or it’s going to increase the pressure they might be feeling to finally win a national-stage game.

The Ohio State athletic program is feeling the effects of the economy.

Ohio State football might be as close to recession-proof as anything in central Ohio, but the Buckeyes have been unable to sell all of their allotment of 17,500 Fiesta Bowl tickets. Seats are now available to the public, which might be a first for an Ohio State trip to a premier bowl game.

"I would say we're a little surprised, yes," said Bill Jones, OSU's assistant athletic director for ticketing. "It's a culmination of things. I think the economy is 60 to 70 percent of it."

Eleven Warriors is having a Fiesta Bowl score contest. You can win a t-shirt if you guess the final score, or be the entry that is the closest. But then it is an Ohio t-shirt.




A coach that actually has more personality than Houston Nutt. Mike Leach definitely wins this battle.

Leach will be on 60 Minutes in January. Double T Nation has a segment of that interview.

Chase Coffman, Missouri, and Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State, suffered significant injuries in their respective bowl games.

Coffman's father told the Kansas City Star that his son broke the fifth metatarsal bone in his left foot on Missouri's final offensive play in the Valero Alamo Bowl.

The Tulsa World reported Wednesday that Robinson sustained a separated right shoulder in the second quarter of the Cowboys' 42-31 loss to Oregon in the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl. Robinson remained in the game and accounted for 383 total yards as he withstood several punishing hits after the original injury occurred.


The Sooners

Urban Meyer knows his secondary will have their hands full with OU's offense.

“The best thing about Sam Bradford is he sets his feet and throws the football,” Meyer said. “He doesn’t panic, he doesn’t run out of the pocket, he doesn’t scramble – (those things) made Tim a better quarterback. When Tim first got here, if things looked ugly, he was out of there. If you watch film (of Bradford), he gets to his third checkdown and stays in the pocket. That is hard to teach.”

“A lot of guys don’t have a chance to get to their third checkdown because their offensive line isn’t good enough,” Meyer continued. “It’s 2.5-3 seconds and the ball’s getting out. Against an average offensive line, you’re on the ground. With those four seniors and a junior, he gets to his third checkdown. That’s a helluva problem for a secondary. That’s unusual.”

OU linebacker Austin Box is expected to play against Florida.

Oklahoma middle linebacker Austin Box, who suffered a sprained knee in the last regular-season game and did not play in the Big 12 Championship Game, is expected to practice today.

Defensive coordinator Brent Venables said Box "looked good" running and making cuts during Tuesday’s workout and expected Box and Mike Balogun to share the position in the BCS Championship Game against Florida on Jan. 8 in Miami.

Bob Stoops as Denver Bronco head coach?

CBSSports' Dennis Dodd takes a look at Bob Stoops and his career at Oklahoma.


And finally...

Rock M Nation has the Sooners flight to Miami.


Happy bowling and have a safe and happy New Year.