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Bob Stoops: Classless Prick Thread

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Bob Stoops, member of the College Football Golf Prick Club (charter member: the head ball coach, Steve Spurrier), demonstrated on Saturday night why he doesn't have as much class as Mack Brown has in his little finger. With the game well out of reach in the second half, Stoops left in all his starters, including Heisman candidate Sam Bradford, until the end of the game, even throwing the ball into the end zone with less than four minutes remaining in the game. His excuse?

We're in a championship game and we're going to play to the end. If you can't play to the end, I'm sorry.

Say what? What are you proving by playing until the end with your starters? That you're out to embarrass your opponent as much as possible? That you have no sense of sportsmanship or decency? All this coming from a coach who was held up as a paragon of virtue because he declined to do an interview for ESPN during the Texas-Texas A&M game. Wow, what a great guy.

Mack Brown and Texas fans are derided as being whiny, sore losers, yet Stoops is held up as some type of great guy? Excuse me while I barf. Enduring a day of football in which I had to listen to Gary Danielson shamelessly slobber all over Tim Tebow and Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit fail to call out Bob Stoops has left me feeling pretty sick to my stomach. Poop on Stoops.