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How The Coaches Voted

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Check it out here. Some interesting votes were:

Art Briles -- OU 1, Texas 5

Gene Chizik -- Texas 1, OU 2

Mack Brown -- Florida 1, Texas 2, OU 3

Mark Dantonio -- OU 1, Texas 5

Mike Leach -- OU 1, Texas 5

Howard Schnellenberger -- OU 2, Texas 4

Urban Meyer -- Texas 4, Florida 1

Also interesting were Rick Neuheisel and Mike Price (along with Todd Dodge and Gene Chizik) were the only coaches to put Texas #1, and the fact that Tommy Bowden still has a vote in the Coaches Poll despite no longer being a coach. 

[UPDATE by 40AS]: Looking in some mini-BZ detail, 13 coaches in the top 25 had votes in the poll. Of those 13, 2 put their team exactly where the poll had them (Mike Bellotti and Mark Dantonio). 1 had his team below the poll spot (Frank Beamer, 5 spots lower). 5 had their teams 1 spot above their ranking (Mack, Urban Meyer, Gary Patterson, Mark Richt and Mike Reily). 3 were within 2 spots of their ranking (Jim Tressel, Kyle Whittingham and Chris Peterson). Mike Leach had Tech an astounding 6 spots above his final ranking and Gary Pinkel had Missouri a less shocking 5. For what it's worth, 6 of the 13 coaches with the most to gain/lose had OU 2 or more spots ahead of Texas.