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Texas Downs Villanova 67-58 at MSG

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I'm exhausted, so the full game wrap will post tomorrow morning. This is your post-game celebration thread as #6 Texas moves to 7-1 with their most impressive victory of the season, a 9-point neutral court win over a very solid Villanova squad. Had the Longhorns not been a disaster at the charity stripe, they'd have won by at least 15.

Three thoughts on my way to bed:

  1. This is the best team defense I've ever seen a Rick Barnes squad play. The help is absolutely impeccable.
  2. The team offense is much further along than I anticipated we could be at this point in the year -- especially after what we saw in some of the early games.
  3. Philadelphia sports fans are the scum of the Earth. Living amongst the trash for three years in Washington D.C., I can attest that they are the most disgusting, obnoxious, and classless group of hooligans "fans" in the country. Reports from MSG indicate that a half dozen fights broke out, all at the instigation of the bottom-sucking east coast scum from Philadelphia. The victory is especially sweet in that regard. 

Hook 'em