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Morning Coffee Limps Out Of College Station

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Buffs not giving up. Six Colorado coaches are headed to California to make a final plea to Darrell Scott. My sense is that Scott's basically pledged to Texas already, but as noted yesterday, until the pen is on paper, these things are never final. Especially with Scott having an uncle at CU.

Whatever the case, signing day will actually be an exciting event for Longhorn fans across the country. Scott has said from the very beginning he'll make his formal announcement this coming TuesdayWednesday; we'll be huddled around computers as he does.

Rick sends a message. Rick Barnes is Not Happy with the team in general, and with Damion James in particular. Disgusted by James' tentative play in College Station Wednesday night, Barnes noted that "We'll probably make a change there" when asked about Damion's play.

Show host Craig Way asked, "Might not start him?" To which Barnes quipped, "I might not play him."

This is one of the many things I love about Rick Barnes. For starters, forceful, direct, and honest critique of his players' performance is always in bounds. But beyond that, Rick's not just lashing out in blind fury; he often does so with purpose.

Damion James didn't have an off night. He wasn't in up against competition he can't handle. He just didn't show up - he played tentatively. And Rick's message is clear: "Failure we can live with. Playing soft we will not."

A small slice of cheerleader heaven. Making fun of Aggies is one of my favorite hobbies - yours too, I'm sure. But even if they're not as good an academic school as Texas, even if they've been athletically inferior, the one thing we absolutely must give them credit for is cheerleading. No one cheerleads quite as well as Texas A&M. Never forget: for a male Aggie, the highest honor one can receive is becoming a cheerleader.

As good as it gets!

But the peppy Agros got the best of Rick Barnes and Texas on Wednesday after a group of students coordinated a chant for the final minute of the basketball game.

(As an aside, the funniest part of the above article comes at the end, where there's a Very Serious discussion about whether or not the cheer created for Barnes is in violation of the Texas Fightin' Aggie Traditions Penal Code.)

Weak sauce, defined. So Boone Pickens' dream has come to this: Okie State is no better than Iowa State. Pathetic.

Quick Hits. The Lady Horns drop to 3-4 in Big 12 play after a last-second loss to Baylor... Fans who want to attend the men's Saturday home against Baylor need to get tickets quickly... Kyle takes on the weak season that was Ohio State football in 2007... Auburn's athletics department is using YouTube to its advantage.