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Morning Coffee Wishes He Were Headed To The Drum Tonight

Awards Voting Begins Today. Quick note to bloggers: Orson will have a link up to the award voting gizmo sometime later today.

My obsession knows no bounds. Getting Garrett Gilbert was a great start to the '09 class, and I do like the kid, but more so than any kid in a couple years, I'm honed in on Cy Ridge superstar Russell Shepard. As the Statesman reports - and as discussed here briefly last night - Shepard did not commit to Texas after the junior day weekend. I'll be honest, I'm a little bit nervous right now, despite the fact that this kid has been dying to come to Texas for as long as he can remember. Now that it's go time, though, circumstances dictate Shepard take a little time and weigh his options. A Pryor-less Michigan becomes an extremely attractive option, for example.

It's too soon to speculate on what Shepard's going to do, but I'm going to be extremely disappointed if we let him slip away.

Home game of the year tonight. Wins at UCLA and over Tennessee in New Jersey were special, but tonight Texas gets its first chance for a huge home win as Kansas visits the Drum. You can warm up with a gushing column about KU and Bill Self from Kirk Bohls. AW will have your game preview later this morning.

Quick Hits. MB-TF has a Meet The 2008 Signees video... Chip Brown with a Big 12 mid-season hoops review... The Lady Longhorns fall to 3-6 in conference following a 66-57 loss to A&M in College Station... The Wiz notes that Colt McCoy's text to Darrell Scott was a recruiting violation.... OU is stoopid.