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Mack Nabs Another Big Name For Class Of 2009

Not a week out of signing day and Texas is up to seven commitments for the 2009 class, including Thomas Ashcroft (Cedar Hill), a 6-5, 280 pound lineman who checks in at #59 on the Rivals100. That now gives Texas four Top 100 prospects (Gilbert, Whaley, Ashcroft, Timmons) already, and we've only just begun. If the class of 2008 wasn't one of Mack's best, the class of 2009 is shaping up to be a special one.

Yesterday I wrote about why I thought it made sense not to limit one's sphere too much and to supplement the in-state targets by taking shots at some elite national prospects. That argument rests on the premise that unless you clean house in-state, you run the risk of being left holding the bag.

In the end, though, it might have just been an academic point. Because more often than not of late, Mack Brown's been doing just that: cleaning house in-state.

Seven future Horns in the books with a lot of big, big names still on the board.