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Final Texas-KU Thoughts

No time for Morning Coffee right now as I'm running late, but a few additional thoughts to AW's on last night's game.

  • Gary Johnson is finally comfortable out there, and though he's only going to get better between now and the end of the season, he's already giving us the minutes WingMan and Chappy cannot. Especially in the first half, Johnson was critical in helping Texas survive Damion James' two early fouls.
  • Augustin looked quick again last night. I'm not sure if he's been fatigued or just in a rut, but he was getting past his man once again. The difference between his first and second half, though? In the second half he quit trying to score in the paint and used the dribble drive to set up others. Outstanding.
  • Connor Atchley is the best pure shot blocker I've ever seen at Texas. The only player I can think of who's even close would be Albert Burditt.
  • Much, much better offensive performance from Texas tonight, Rick Barnes finally having his pick man on the top slash hard to the hoop. The development of our high post game, if we stick with it, makes us a dangerous, dangerous team. With the big men involved, the pressure on our guards isn't so severe.
  • Before the game, AW and I were discussing what a tough matchup this was for us. The only optimistic nugget we could find? Texas seems to play to the level of its competition. That meant outstanding basketball last night.
  • Txtwstr7 wondered where this ranks on the all-time wins at the Drum during the Rick Barnes era. I agree with him. Along with A&M 2007, Villanova 2006 and OU 2003, last night's was the nuts.
  • Next up? A road trip to Baylor, which won't be easy. Our plans to attend the game fell through, but those lucky enough to be going should be in for a great game. Following up tonight's win with a road win in Waco would set us up perfectly for the stretch run.